48 Hours of Adoration in Calicut.

48 Hours of Adoration in Calicut.

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Special moment of grace, Lenten Holy Hour for 48 hrs continuously from March 25, 2017, morning 7.00 AM to 27 morning 7.00 AM, in our Community Chapel Prarthanalayam Convent,

The Sister Disciples assume a ministry of unceasing prayer which extents itself in perpetual adoration”. On March 25, the PDDM community of Calicut began the special Lenten Eucharistic Adoration which continued throughout day and night till March 27 morning, with the participation of the laity who are the adorers of the Eucharistic Master. We placed before the Lord the needs of the entire world at large, the Church, the Country, the State and the local needs.

The solemn conclusion of the 48 hrs of Adoration was on March 27, 2017. It was a special moment of grace for us and the whole locality. Some ten ladies kept company with the sisters during the nights too. The people usual look forward for this occasion. May the Eucharistic Lord be made known more and more.


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