50 years of Faithfulness!!

50 years of Faithfulness!!

DSCN0205_800x455Golden Jubilee!!

On 3rd April at the eve of the birth anniversary of our beloved founder Bl. James Albertine, the Indian province proudly celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Sr. M. Luce Cornelio, a shining and memorable moment for her fifty years of consecrated life. The celebration began with a well prepared Liturgy accompanied by melodious hymns and dancers. Fr. Anil D’ Mellow SJ, the main celebrant for the occasion spoke on the faith and toil which are two strong pillars of religious life and congratulated her for her selfless and generous service to the entire congregation.

At very young age, called by the Lord to a labourer in his vineyard, she willingly let go everything that was dear to her including the county and the people that she loved. Sailed to unknown horizons, with no doubts, and walked through rough and smooth paths without fear. She trusted in the Lord saying “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want”. The missionary spirit that she carried with much love and enthusiasm, enabled her to be part of any culture and people to live and give Jesus. The passionate Spirit moved in her to flow with glow. Sister from different communities, two of her sisters Sr. M. Speranza Cornelio & Sr. M.  Stella Cornelio who are Pious Disciples and her family members participated in the celebration.  The India province congratulates her on this occasion of her Golden Jubilee and wish her success in all her under takings.


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