A Journey into Silence

A Journey into Silence

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dscn6312-800x600Anjali Ashram welcomed us in silence. The word Anjali means homage. Ashram means Paschal Mystery- a resurrected life, which is a secular name to discover the sacred in the secular. Receiving and offering to God everything which is well said that this Ashram belongs to God. Hence the words ‘Alone with the alone became the breath of our life. The word Ashram became a reality through the instrumentality of Fr Louis; who through his knowledge, experience and example unveiled the Divineness in each of us. Thus awareness was a result of the painful detachment from self to a willing attachment to God. We remembered the first stage of our Novitiate. It was full experience of the Atman (Indwelling Spirit) and experience of the fullness of the spirit.

The Guru-shishya anubhava meaning the way of life of the Master and a disciple was the style of life here. The word Guru comes from gu- referring to guha; ru referring rupa- meaning what we experience we reflect. In nutshell ‘a witness which is the core value of every religious as a disciple’. Our main attention was on this aspect of life. One needs to be authentic and be like the Master.

The center of everything was the Eucharistic celebration in its depth and originality. There was also a perfect blend on the knowledge of Indian culture, rituals, personalities, religion and the yoga which means the union of everything. The phenomenal part of this experience is that; we not only hear theory but we live practical by the very rhythm of life which is simple and poor life-style but is filled with peace and serenity. Our religious life primarily and essentially a state of life rather than a place, a state of relentless search and a non-stop movement embodied in persons and life-style.

We are grateful to our provincial and her team and Sr. Josephine for arranging this unique experience for us. We extend our thanks to Sr. Romana who accompanied us.

Novices- Orsola Bhavan


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