Annual Retreat-2017

Annual Retreat-2017

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The Annual retreat  for the year 2017 began in the community of Mumbai from 16th to 21st January.   There were 26 participants from the whole of the province at this first group of PDDM sisters.  The retreat was preached by Rev. Fr. Bobin Thomas, MI, who through his knowledge of the scriptures and personal experience with Christ, helped all to experience the Divine like never before. The theme of the retreat was “New wine in fresh wine skins” adapted from the 9th General chapter.The talks, prayer sessions, and the sacraments enabled oneself to transform the old wine skins into new skins. Thanks to Jesus and the power of His Spirit present throughout the retreat. Being renewed, in body, mind and spirit the sisters journeyed back to their respective communities to spread the fragrance of Jesus the Divine Master, through their various ministries.

The next course of the retreat will be from 13th to 18th February at Guru Yesu Bhavan, Bangalore.

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