Annual Retreat in Mumbai.

Annual Retreat in Mumbai.

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‘Prarthanalaya’, the Community of Mumbai had the privilege of hosting 26 Sister Disciples from various communities for their Annual Retreat.  The retreat lasted from 18th January to 23rd January followed by a two days of Seminar on Scripture and Liturgy.

The Retreat Preacher was Fr. Robert D’Souza, Director of the Pastoral Centre, Vasai, who is a well known Scripture Scholar and an eminent Retreat Preacher in the country. The central theme of the Retreat was ‘Rededicating oneself to the Mission.’  We as Sister Disciples had an immense opportunity to dwell on discipleship with the scholarly lessons of the preacher.  The prayerful atmosphere of ‘Prarthanalaya’ was no doubt a powerful channel to meet our Divine Master.  Thanks to God who has renewed and strengthen our lives.

Day 1 of the Seminar was on the Prophets from the Scriptures by Fr. Robert D’Souza and Day 2 of the Seminar was on the Liturgy given by Fr. Savio Rodriguez. Thanks to our Spirituality Team for organizing this Annual Retreat at the very first month of the year so that nourished by the renewed strength we may be more effective in our mission throughout the year.

Sharing by Sr. Reshma

“Prarthanalaya Bandra” is a power house of prayer where all are attracted and is loved by every one of us as it is our house of origin in India.  It was there we had an opportunity to have our first Annual Retreat 2016.  We were altogether 26 participants and it was preached by Fr. Robert D’Souza a Scripture Scholar and very well know person for his preaching, teaching, writing, singing and above capable of touching and capturing the hearts of people to God.

We began our Retreat on 18th January with Morning Prayer.  Fr. Robert D’Souza led us the meditation on every day with different themes like awareness, detachment, forgiveness, healing, Christian and religious vocation, spiritual life etc.  Which were creative and innovative.  The whole retreat was based on Discipleship.  It was an experience of heavenly bliss on earth.   It was a time where we felt deeply God speaking to each and every one of us heart to heart.  We could feel the mighty power of God amidst us.  God’s heavenly treasures revealed to us through Fr. Robert.  He led us so beautifully by calling us on first day to recall our vocation story of love to compare the zeal and enthusiasm we had and now how it is.  He made us to journey during these 6 days by discussing on various aspects like, rededicating oneself to one’s mission, Jesus the way to discipleship.  John the Baptist unique disciple of the Messiah, Dynamics of the twelve; inner circle of Jesus’ disciples, disciples outside the twelve; images of true discipleship, obstacles in following the way, returning home to celebrate God’s love and passionate following of the Master.

It was a very enriching retreat that helped us to go deeper into our being and to see where am I, what I have done so far and how am I to go on in my mission as a Sister Disciple.  Many inspirational things we heard, many tips were given, many insights were drawn from the Tabernacle from the Word of God and from the Preacher, as to how to be a faithful disciple of Christ.  As we go along we carry with us our beautiful God experiences that we had during this retreat and we ask the Lord to help us to be a true Sister Disciple after the heart of Jesus Master.  The retreat was concluded with the Eucharistic celebration at 6.30 pm on 23rd January.

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