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The Priest has a very sublime mission, so also the Sister Disciples. As the Blessed Virgin Mary shared the life and mission of her Son, so too the Sister Disciples collaborate effectively with the ministerial priesthood. They offer prayers and sacrifices for vocations to priesthood and the success of their ministry. They render service to the sick, old and needy priests. They are called to participate actively in the pastoral ministry of the priests, in the proclamation of the Gospel for the transformation of society.“You are like Mary, intermediaries between God and humanity to adore, to thank, to make reparation and beg of God that, all priests experience the blessings of God” says Blessed James Alberione. PDDM sisters specially intercede for the priests and their intentions.

A video clip on the priest service of our sisters in the Clergy Home Bangalore

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Prayer Request

PDDM Sisters day and night intercede before the Eucharistic Lord for various intentions.

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