As the first rains kissed the heated ground and the cool breeze spread the calmness around, the members of the Pauline family gathered together, on 24th June 2018, at Prarthanalaya for the conclusion of Centenary Celebration of the Pauline Cooperators and of the Friends of the Divine Master.

Fr. Varghese Gnalian, Provincial of SSP presided over the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration, concelebrated by 4 Pauline Priests.

The Centenary Celebrations were inaugurated at St Teresa’s Church Bandra by His Grace Bishop Barthole Baretto with solemn Eucharistic Celebration.

During the year they were enriched, and nourished by talk, recollection and gatherings.

Some of the friends were privileged to visit the places of Origin of Pauline family and its Pioneers at Rome, during the year.

It was a great year to the Pauline family to Celebrate and be grateful to the work done by the Pauline Cooperators and Friends of the Divine Master for the past 100 years.

May God continue to bless the Pauline Family and grant us the grace to work together to make known Jesus Master to the world through the media of Social Communication.


Liturgical Music Course, at PDDM Music Academy – Bangalore

PDDM Music Academy had the Inauguration of the 32nd Summer Liturgical Music Course on 18th April 2018. The course has been programmed from 18th April to 18th May 2018. The Inaugural ceremony was conducted by the Provincial team and the Community of Guru yesu Bhavan, Bangalore: Sr Regina Sebastian , Sr Valerian , the Superior of the Community of Guru Yesu Bhavan – Bangalore and Sr Paulcy Thelekadan, the Provincial Counsellor. Sr Mary Gracelet lit the inaugural lamps and Sr Valerian garlanded the image of our Blessed Mother, Mary, Queen of Apostles.

Sr Regina welcomed the participants and introduced to them, Sr Mary Gracelet, the Director and Teacher of the Pddm Music Academy. Sr paulcy Thelekadan led the group in Prayer and the ceremony ended with a hymn to our Blessed Mother.

Number of participants are 42. We wish all the best to the Students and the Facilitators of the Course: Sr Mary Gracelet and Sr Regina Sebastian.