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From 14th to 17th February a Seminar was conducted in Mumbai, on the Pauline Family level. The theme was “Pauline Mission” among people of different faiths and cultures, challenges and opportunities.  There were 28 participants, General Councillor, Superiors, and Director Generals of the Apostolate and editors of Society of St. Paul. Four sisters from Daughters of St. Paul, and Sr. Mary Gracelet and Sr. Amita from the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. The president of the Seminar was Fr. Celso Godilano and the Moderator was Fr. Jose Pottayil. Following were the topics covered during the seminar.

  • Pauline Mission towards the masses vision and thoughts of Blessed James Alberione.
  • Interpretation and application of the Alberionean Vision and thoughts in our 100years history: Priorities and operative guidelines of the 10th General Chapter of SSP.
  • The revolution of the communication and digital media.
  • Church’s concerns and responses to the communication revolution.
  • Panoramic view of the Religions, cultural, linguistic, social, historical and ecclesial realities of the circumscriptions of: United States, South Korea, Philippines-Macaw, India, Japan, Australia.
  • Apostolic initiatives of special significance in India and the living testimonies of the beneficiaries of the initiatives.
  • Formation of the Paulines to live and communicate the Gospel values.

During the seminar an Apostolic sector tour was organised which was in the same premises. An action plan for the future was drawn, identified and articulated feasible, workable areas of collaboration, mutual support and time bound apostolic initiatives among the CAP-ESW Circumscriptions.

The seminar ended with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and a cultural programme.

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