Client Feedback Sr. Flavia

  • “Through Holistic treatment I feel a lot more calm, I am now wanting to go out and speak to people rather then running away from them. Through the guided imagery I am now able to sleep better and through the exercises I feel more active.” ~ PDDM CLIENT, GOA


  • “I was warmly welcomed by the sisters in the Holistic center. After the formalities I started my treatments. Sisters hands are blessed with healing touch. They were very sensitive to my pains and aches. I was given treatment like Acupressure, Acupuncture, foot reflexology, I was taught how to handle my anger with that I was able to open up and ‘empty’ myself of the baggage I was carrying around all these years. I went there for treating chemical imbalances which lead me to depression. I felt good, I became strong physically, Emotionally, spiritually, socially and psychologically. I learnt to take care of myself and develop a positive attitude It boasted my  confidence.” Truly it was not only a mental healing but it was a holistic healing in the hands of caring sisters. 

    ”A great relief from pain.”

  • “I am writing this to appreciate your sincere appropriate , timely treatments for my backache at your Holistic center. I was so much edified your hospitality and devotion to your professional care to me. I had a very bad back ache about a month before I was coming to your center. I was taking many pain killers for the backache relief. But I was not interested in surgery and started looking for some alternative treatments. Suddenly one idea struck my brain regarding your center. First I thought I will try there. If I am not getting relief, I will go to another hospital for treatment. But when I reached there , you put me in different therapies and I experienced sudden relief from backache. You did very good diagnosis about my backache. The treatments were well appreciated. Now I feel much better and able to walk without pain and stress. It was very nice place . The atmosphere is very good. Thank you once again”