Closure of the 3rd Provincial Chapter

Closure of the 3rd Provincial Chapter

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Concluding message of the President Sr. Rose Mary on the Closure of the 3rd Provincial Chapter, India:

“It is a day of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for his marvellous work in our province through us, the delegates of the Third Provincial Chapter. It is indeed the providence of God that journeyed in our life and opened for us freshness of Spirit we breathed. We give thanks to God for all that he has accomplished in us and through us. The new wine that was poured in our assembly be transmitted, shared and lived by all.
In obedience to this mandate of the General Chapter and in communion with our sisters of the province and the entire Congregation we have begun this Second session of the Third Provincial Chapter and concluded today. All the decisions we have taken and experiences that we had in this process will be shared with all our sisters and will courageously follow the way marked out for us in the Rule of Life.
In fidelity to the mission we have received, we accept the challenge to cultivate flexibility and passion for the mission while being attentive to the signs of the times within cultures and people. We conclude this chapter, with an attitude of gratitude, investing our human and economic resources, and believing that Jesus Master will bring to fulfilment all that he has began with us.
“As consecrated persons you live, first of all, the prophecy of joy, to be prophets of hope, with your eyes turned toward the future, where the Spirit is pushing you, to continue to do great things with you”. Let this thought of Pope Francis animate our journey of community life with enthusiasm, newness and Joy
A heartfelt thanks to Sr. M. Celine Cunha who has facilitated the chapter sessions with her vast experience and skills.
I would like to end this concluding message with a thought from our charismatic leader Mother Maria Lucia Ricci. “For a natural and supernatural reason, I am always more convinced and persuaded that the institution of the Pious Disciples is in accordance with nature, in accordance with the canon law, is in accordance with Gospel and with the Divine Will. It deals with project which must gradually and courageously become a reality, Always founded on the indispensible condition of a deep interior life”.
Asking the blessing of our founder venerable Mother Scolastica and all the Pauline saints and placing ourselves in the hands of Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Paul the apostle to intercede for us. God bless you all, God bless our congregation, our province”.




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