Convocation Ceremony

The Federation of Acupuncture System of Therapy Board, Bangalore, had its 2nd National Acupuncture Felicitation Ceremony on 11th February, during which Sr. Kanikai Mary Issac and Sr. Helen Gnalian received their graduation certificates. Sr. Kanikai Mary Issac has completed the Doctorate of Medicine (MD) and Sr. Helen Gnalian the Masters in Acupuncture (M.Ac).

Sr. Regina Sebastian represented the Provincial Superior as one of the guest of honour on the dais. She was invited to deliver a speech on Acupuncture Therapy and give out the certificates to the UG students. She in her speech appreciating the Acupuncture System of Therapy endorsed it as one of the ancient and most effective system of treatment. She also spoke about its ideology ‘Minimum needles, Maximum benefits’ giving her personal experience as well as the experience of many who frequent the PDDM Holistic Health Care for availing Acupuncture System of Therapy for health benefits.
It was fitting for our sisters involved in health care to graduate on 26th World Day of the Sick.  As Pope Francis exhorts those who care for the sick to continue it with renewed vigour, we wish all God’s blessings and healing grace to our sisters.