Cupping Therapy

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Cupping – A new “Natural Therapy” for Wellbeing


On oneoccasion, happened to watch Sr. Rose.

She, want to save the sick goldfish who is currently living ina dirty water.

Step-1. Sr. Rose, changed the water. The environment is now clean but the fish is still sick.

Step-2.  So she gave the fish some food – so that it can get good nutrients and get well soon.

People comes to our Holistic Living Centre… after performing Wet Cupping Therapy…


Now you can know what is Cupping Therapy?

Cup as its tool and expels the air in the cup by burning, suction and other methods to form a negative pressure, anchoring the cup over the Treated site of the body to achieve the goal of preventing and treating diseases and strengthening body.

In Wet Cupping.

Observe how the blood flows out during Wet Cupping Therapy.

Step- 1

Choose the Therapeutic AcuPoints for Cupping.

Create cup suction to increase blood circulation.

Waite for about 2-3 minutes.


Release the cup and make incisions with the surgical lancing device.

This is how the incision are being made. (The pain is lesser than a biting of an ant)

Create suction with the cup.

Observe how the blood flows out

The blood will ooze out bit by bit. During this,it is not painful at all. Wait until the blood stops flowing.

Step 3

Once we see that the blood haStep-3s stopped oozing out we can remove the blood.

Second round and the Third round for each point that we cupped. It is also depends on how severe the hardening of the blood is. How hardened the blood ,will express the level of toxicity in a patient’s body. In other words how acidic his /her blood is. This is because when our body’s pH is low (acidic), it will badly affect every cell in the body. They cannot thrive and function properly. As a result, cells will start to die before its programmed time and make the blood thicker. Toxins, acids and other waste materials also cannot be eliminated from the body properly, as cells do not function well. This will further thicken the blood. So now we have to directly remove them from our body through Wet Cupping Therapy.

After performing wet cupping Therapy we will advise them to take certain health supplements or herbs to add in more nutrients that you have been tacking so that your cells can repair themselves very well. Therefore, improve your health.

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