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Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay presided the Solemnity of Jesus Divine Master at the Prarthanalaya on 29th October 2017.  Majesty and Splendour are attributes befitting the occasion which also marked the Centenary Celebrations of the foundation of ‘Friends of the Divine Master’.

Embroidered Altar Cloths, stained glass lamps and beautiful floral arrangement bedecked the Prathanalaya chapel.  One had merely to walk up the wooden steps of the Chapel, to immediately understand, that it was a Special Day of Joy and Thanksgiving to the Creator and Jesus Master.

The Icon of Jesus Divine Master, was brought in procession followed by ten new persons, who would take their vows as ‘Friends of the Divine Master, followed by acolytes and concelebrants and His Eminence Cardinal Gracias .  The Chapel erupted in Song as the choir led the singing and the entire congregation burst into jubilant songs of praise.

“This is a Marvelous Grace of God” said Sr Patricia pddm, in her introduction, welcoming the congregation and the ten new ‘friends’, Sr Patricia explained the significance of the association of Friends of the Divine Master quoting the words of their founder, “Our Founder  Blessed James Alberione said, “This devotion is not limited to a simple prayer or some hymns, Rather it takes in the whole person”, and welcomed all to the Spiritual Banquet.

After the Liturgy of the Word, the ten new Friends made their promises, and received from the hands of the Cardinal a prayer book, a rosary, a scarf and a certificate followed by the renewal of promises by all the Friends of the Divine Master.

“You have one master, one teacher, one father God Jesus” said His Eminence, in his homily, taking a cue from the Gospel.  And said the Sisters spend hours in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, many like in Indian tradition sitting at the feet of the Master, and some kneel in prayer and adoration to Jesus the Only Master.In his  Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii  Gaudium, Pope Francis sates, ‘The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus,” , this is the Joy of encounter, Jesus is My Master, Our Master.  The Divine Master is one who teaches, who empowers, who gives Life. Committing yourself to encountering Jesus” encouraged the CardinalKnowing Jesus, means, Loving and Following Jesus and also telling others about Jesus.  Appreciating the foresight of Blessed James Alberione, who had a vision of the New Evangelisation. Concluding with a prayer, Cardinal said, :May Jesus Our Divine Master help us  become as Pope Francis says, Missionary Disciples of Jesus.”

During Communion, Mumbai’s Elvis Presley gave a soulful rendition of How Great Thou Art, and the congregation prayerfully joined in the chorus, with hearts filled with gratitude to the Divine Master.His Eminence Cardinal Gracias, thanked the Sister s Disciples of the Divine Master, for their Apostolate to the Archdiocese of Bombay, through their Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, their dedication to the Liturgy through the Liturgical Centre and their Services at the Clergy Home to Retired and Indisposed Priests.

Following the mass was a fellowship of the friends, friends of friends as the Cardinal so beautifully put it and most importantly family of the divine master. He was felicitated with a bouquet of flowers.  A two tired cake was cut by the Cardinal and the ten new friends of the Divine Master.Elvis Presley with all his studded attired took to the stage, belting out his hit number, which had Cardinal Oswald Gracias, tapping his feet to the beats! It was a fusion of classical, jazz and western melodies all in praise of Our Divine Master, Jesus!The students of the Divya kala Academy put up a classical dance, which enthralled the audience.After the cultural and entertaining programme, cardinal Gracias said the Grace, and the Buffet banquet was opened, and  every one enjoyed the delicious lunch.

A Wonderful Feast, A Great Day of Rejoicing and Thanksgiving A Family Feast  A foretaste of Heaven.

Nirmala Carvalo





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