Feast of St. John-Mary Vianney

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Feast of St. John-Mary Vianney

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On 4th August 2015, the sisters of the Mumbai community joyfully celebrated the feast of St. John-Mary Vianney, along with the Clergy Home priests. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Rev. Fr. Jerry Fernandes, Administrator of the Archdiocesan Clergy Home.

In the homily, he spoke of how St. John Vianney, through his holy life, attracted people from all walks of life and how people from different parts of the world flocked to him in search of spiritual guidance. He invited priests to draw grace and strength from this great saint. After Holy Mass, the celebrations continued as the community along with the aspirants greeted the priests with a festive song, and gave them roses as a token of love. The festive atmosphere was filled with joy, gratitude and love.

We pray for all the priests residing in Clergy Home and our sisters who are rendering service to them, that they may continue to experience the closeness of God.

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