Feed back

George K Cheriyan

My experience with the Holistic Living Cente

My chance meeting with Sister Helen in St. Mary’s Basilica few months back was providential and the short conversation we had created a strong desire in me to pursue Holistic living.

My first visit to the Holistic Living Centre on 26th May 2015 was to check whether I had any physical illness and I was relieved with the assurance that I did not have any major physical ailments.  Sister healed me of some health issues that I had in the next three visits.  I continue my visit to the Holistic Living Centre for general wellness and spiritual growth. Seeing that my visits to Holistic Living Centre were benefiting me a lot my wife and son followed me.

I consider my access to the Holistic Living Centre as a blessing because of the benefits that I obtain from the visits like the spiritual growth of me and my family, feeling of wellness and the confidence that the treatments given are effective and without any side effects.

I was pleasantly surprised that visitors from other religions whom I referred to the Centre were very happy with their experience and the benefits they derived out of the visits. I am glad thatHolistic Living Centre is silently converting people.  Converting people to lead a more Holistic life, grow spiritually, get closer to God and be healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of my friends were referred to Holistic Living centre and invariably all of them called me back later and informed me that they were happy with the experience.   I found it amazing that once a person goes to Holistic Living centre the whole family gets attracted to it and gets benefited / converted. I feel that this conversion in mindset is the crying need of the day that could spread joy and peace to very many people who are unnecessarily suffering due to the lack of awareness.

Dr. V. George Mathew, a renowned Parapsychologist and founder of Holigrative branch of Psychology visited the Holistic Living Centre with me and interacted with Sister Helen as a part of his ongoing research. Dr. Mathew was of the opinion that the Holistic Living Centre has a unique positive energy for healing due to the prayerful atmosphere of the Convent and the key to healing is Sister Helen’s strong commitment to the cause and her sincere and unconditional love for the visitors and their overall well being.

I am thankful to all the Sisters of Guru Yesu Bhavan Convent for their sincere efforts to establish and run the Holistic Living Centre and Sister Helen in particular for spearheading the initiative and tirelessly pursuing it.  I wish all success to the Holistic Living Centre. Hope and pray that this would become a major Mission of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master in witnessing the Divine Master benefiting billions of deserving people across the world. 

Stefy Philips

Dear Sr. Helen,
Thanks a lot for your miraculous treatment at the convent.
Persistent illnesses like Sinusitis and Migraine which have bothered me for years, was drastically reduced in just 3 sessions with you, and I am immensely grateful for your help Sister.
In addition to your valuable holistic treatment, even your general guidance for a better life is truly appreciated.

Thanks again for the marvellous difference you made in my life Sister, hope to meet you again soon.

God bless you Sister.


Dear Sister Helen,

Thank you for your email. It is my pleasure to report my positive experiences while attending the clinic.

I was very exhausted mentally and physically when I attended in December 2015. Sister Helen greeted me and attended to me on four consecutive days for an hour each day. Each hour included a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, and/or reflexology and prayers.

I started feeling less stressed from the first day onwards. The prayers were particularly calming.

I am so grateful that there is such a place as the Holistic Living Centre and for the help of a kind, knowledgeable and caring person such as Sister Helen. I seen many ill people coming and feeling better. During only the few days I have visited, I have met several people who have had a good experience.

Running such a centre speaks volumes about the complex ways in which Catholics care for humanity.

Congratulations on the centre and God willing, there can be more.

With love and good wishes,