Fraternal visit of Sr. Agar

Fraternal visit of Sr. Agar

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DSC05924Visit of Sr Agar Coreno The General Bursar to Indian Province

The long awaited visit of Sr Agar Coreno the General Bursar to the Indian province was realised on 26.01.2016 to 23.02.2016.The Indian reality with all its multi- culture,multi-lingustic from south to  north ,north east, east to west was experienced by Sr Agar. The General Bursar had a meeting with the sisters of the Provincial team. The Indian province had the privilege of hosting three fraternal encounters with her in different parts of the country, Mumbai. Guwhati  and Bangalore, which were rich in resource from the words of the founder, fraternal sharing and glance of the economic reality of the province. 17th Feb was the most grace filled day for the province at it recalled the 62nd years of PDDM presence in India, we gratefully remember all the pioneer Sisters and their hard work .An apostolic exhibition was organised. Visit was concluded with the encounter with provincial team cultural presentation. May the visit of Sr. Agar to the Indian Province help us to see the future prospective and face the challenges with more dedication and enthusiasm. We thank the lord of providence for blessing the work of our hands. The important focus of her visit was Human resources, economy and Mission. We thank Sr. Agar for her visit and encouragement.


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