Holistic Health care at Mumbai.

Holistic Health care at Mumbai.

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The first phase of the Holistic treatment with alternative therapies for the year 2016 was carried out at Prarthnalaya, Mumbai from the 3rd to 20th March. The response was indeed very good and the clients were very positive about our treatments. Almost all appreciated the methodology used and all those suffering from back pains benefitted much from our vaccum therapy. All the grievances and complains of pains and aches were handled with ease by Srs. Helen Galian and Flavia Aranha

On Friday 11th March, an hour of awareness programme on HOLISTIC LIVING was conducted free of cost to the general public from 11 am to 12 pm. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by Srs. Helen and Flavia. An introduction was given by Sr.Regina Sebastian who shared her own personal testimony and the testimony of few others who had benefitted from the alternative therapies.  Sr.Helen Galian spoke on “Integration of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit” and explained how positive programming of our mind can strengthen our immune system and free us from unwanted sufferings by way of sicknesses that cripple our lives. Sr.Flavia Aranha gave a practical demonstration of how we need to carry on doing daily a few exercises in order to stay fit and healthy.   She also instructed the participants with few tips on points to press on our bodies for immediate relief for certain pains and aches.  The programme came to an end with the LAUGHING THERAPY which left everyone with tears of laughters.

Feed backs regarding the awareness programme:

Mrs. Germine expressed that she had initially no intention to attend the session but thanked God for her last moment decision to attend.  She mentioned that she really enjoyed the programme and  found it really good and useful. She suggested that next time it could be longer, may be for 2 hours. The timings could be 10 am to 12 pm. And more propaganda needs to be made so that lot of people can benefit from this programme.

Mrs.Kulkarni commented that the treatment given by the sisters was very effective and above all the prayer aspect of it was unremarkable.

Mrs.Rekha Pereira felt that during the holistic treatment she found her body becoming very light and a new energy flowing into her.

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