Every year, this School of Navy used to conduct PARADE on the 16th January. This year it was done in a little different way than usual. For the First time, all the Principals of Bandra Schools and Colleges and Sr Amita Mascrenhas PDDM had been invited to partake in the celebration and to be the Guests of honour. Sr Amita Speaks: “We were speechless as we watched the parade of the students swinging their hands, feet and neck to the rhythm of the band played by the students. It was indeed a rare chance to watch such parade in a prohibited area, surrounded by the Arms and Forces. After the solemn parade, we were escorted by few of the trainers to visit the premises, which was more than 10 acre. The view was eye capturing as we looked at the calm Arabian Sea, surrounded by trees and lovely flowers. We were then served a  good breakfast in the open loan, opposite to the Hamla beach, facing the officials residence”.

Sr Amita got this opportunity, because of the “Bandra Build” Association”. We rejoice with Sr Amita as she represented the community of Mumbai – Bandra, in this solemn celebration.

Let us salute our Navy forces who work for nation’s security. Let’s also pray that many more young girls and boys may commit their lives in carrying out this noble job.