Inter- Novitiate classes

Inter- Novitiate classes

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Orsola Bhavan was blossomed with Novices of 6 pddm, 4 Franciscans, 4 Daughters of St. Francis de Sales, 2 Daughters of the Church came together for Inter-Novitiate classes. Yes, this is the creative start to our mind blowing for exploring the person of St. Paul through the resource person Sr. Paulcy pddm. It was scheduled from 19th-23rd Sep. She brought out each character of St. Paul in a vivid and attractive picture through her wide knowledge, audible voice and lively personality. This captured our mind and overwhelmed our hearts. We always thought of St. Paul as a dedicated and convinced person who directed the Church in the way of Truth; but we realized that he was a man full of affection and kindness. Everything that we learned about him fascinates us and now whenever we read his epistles we have the spectacles of this class to look more clearly in his expressions and communications.
A brief sketch on St. John, the evangelist also was portrayed to us, especially the aspect of Belief which leads to new life. The new discovery of the two personalities instilled in us new visions, new approach and inspirations. We are grateful to Sr. Paulcy for imparting this gift through her presence. We thank Sr. Josephine for taking initiative to bring all of us together and Sr. Mary for looking after our physical needs. Participation of the other Novices helped us to know each other and this knowing built among us another community of companionship.

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Orsola Bhavan- Mysore

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