Lamp Lightening Ceremony, St Joseph’s Community College, Jamshedpur

Lamp Lightening Ceremony, St Joseph’s Community College, Jamshedpur

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Lamp Lightening Ceremony 9th Batch

On 30th of October St. Joseph’s Community college had its Lamp Lightening Ceremony of the 9th batch.  Fr. James Bara S.J was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The program began with singing a Bhajan invoking God’s blessings on the students as they were invited to light their lamps from the Kuttu Vilakku. Then the students along with the lighted lamps took the Florence nightingales pledge. It enables them to   show themselves worthy and ready to work and serve in the hospital.

After which Chief Guest delivered his speech advising the students how to take care of the patients with care and love and shared his own experience of nursing care. It was an enriching moment for the students and the staff. The program was concluded with light refreshment. Immediately after the program students were taken to their respective hospitals for their internships.


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