Art & Architecture

The profound connection between beauty and the liturgy make us attentive to every work of art placed at the service of the celebration. The purpose of sacred architecture is to offer the Church a fitting space for the celebration of the mysteries of faith, especially the Eucharist — Pope Benedict XVI
The sacred art in general, especially painting, sculpture, religious iconography is directed to sacramental mystagogy. Everything related to the Eucharist is marked by beauty.

Special respect and care is given to the vestments, the furnishings and the sacred vessels, so that by their harmonious and orderly arrangement they will foster awe for the mystery of God, manifest the unity of the faith and strengthen devotion.

Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that reflects functional, social, and aesthetic considerations . PDDM sisters use their imaginative and creative power in designing the places of worship.

Samples below:

Interior Designing
Interior Designing