Residential Centre

Holistic Residential Centre

The Sister Disciples, are involved in giving a holistic health care for people in need in their Residential Holistic Centre at their AsirBhavan Community, Bangalore.

Holistic means Wholeness/Integration; of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit.  The Holistic approach to health emphasizes the fact that human being have the capacity for self-healing and self-prevention. Mind is an important factor in the holistic approach to cure.  What passes through the mind can produce body alterations in the body chemistry.

The treatments available are:

  1. Touch for Health
  2. Jin Shin Do [Acupressure]
  3. Polarity Therapy
  4. Energy healing
  5. Magnetic cure
  6. Ultrasonic massage
  7. Su Jok Therapy
  8. Vacuum Therapy
  9. Electromagnetic acupuncture
  10. Foot Reflexology

Resource Person: Sr. Treasa Sinduraj, Pddm

Contact:  Asirbhanva, Pddm Holistic Health Centre, Shelenderadoddi, Bannerghatta P.o. P. B. No. 8307, Bangalore – 560 083 Ph. 9535874389; 9741266918; Email: