Pddm Music Centre [Examination Centre for Trinity College, London]

Pddm Music Centre, Bangalore

The Pddm Music Centre at Bangalore functions as an Examination Centre for the Trinity College, London. 

Examinations for the year 2014, conducted by the “Trinity College of Music, London” at “PDDM MUSIC CENTRE” 31, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore. The examiner was Mr. James Smith, a native of U.K.

PDDM sisters through their ministry of Music, offer training in Sacred Music. Every year, Part time classes, weekend classes and summer courses are conducted in Guru Yesu Bhavan, Bangalore, to train those who are interested.

Music and liturgy are closely associated. Music is one of the finest of the fine arts. Pope John XXIII calls it as ‘the most spiritual of the fine arts’. It is the best and most vital expression of man’s soul. It leads us to the edge of the infinite and lets us for a moment’s gaze into that. Great composers like Back and Beethoven were able to have spiritual ecstasies and a glimpse of the divine realities through their music. Tagore had the realization of God through his music and poetry. His “geetanjali” verses bear witness to it. Music brings elegance, grace, gentleness and refinement into person’s life. It transforms the person leading one to an experience of the Divine.

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Resource Person: Sr. Mary Gracelet Pddm

Contact: Guru Yesu Bhavan, 31, St. Mark’s Road Cross, Bangalore 560 001; Ph. 09972737329



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