Mission Sunday in St. Patrick’s-Bangalore

Mission Sunday in St. Patrick’s-Bangalore

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On 21st January, the Parish of St Patrick’s, Bangalore celebrated the Mission Sunday. After the solemn Eucharistic Celebration, Rev. Fr Faustino Lobo, the Chief Guest,  blessed and declared Open the ‘FUN FETE’ in view of generating Funds for the Mission of the Universal Church. Rev. Fr C. Francis, the Parish Priest and  the Parish Clergy animated the Event with lot of enthusiasm. There were  50 Stalls, with varieties of delicious Food, fun filled Games and Dress materials for all age groups. In the late afternoon, various other Competitions were organized by the Mission Sunday Committee. Such as: Fancy Dress for the children, Ramp Walk For the Couples and many more. The day was filled with lot of activities and fun. There was active participation from all the parishners

The Stalls were put up by Religious, Laity and the Clergy. The PDDM too put up a Food stall, and thus had a wonderful opportunity to be part of the St. Patrick’s Mission endeavor for the universal mission of the Church.

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