Pauline Milan

Pauline Milan

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DSCF60761st of January 2016, was  a very special day for the Paulines in Mumbai. The members of Society of St.Paul, Daughters of St. Paul and Pious Disciples came together as “Birds of a Father”. It was an evening of fellowship and fun, which began at 4 pm with Tea, followed by games, mime, carol singing, views on our Founder, and concluded with a fellowship meal. We were indeed happy to applaud   Sr. Apostolina who was  luckily chosen as the “Pauline of the year“. Sr. Tecla too shared her experience with our Founder, with was appreciated by the entire gathering. The participation of the young ones along with senior members filled the atmosphere with joy and laughter. It was indeed a memorable evening which helped us enhance our relationship with one another, and to experience the joy of  sharing , and thus to walk along the path, showed by our dear Founder, Blessed James Alberione.






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