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On 26th January 2019, the PDDM MUSIC ACADEMY had its ANNUAL DAY Celebration. The Chief Guest was Mr Walter Fernandes (Founder of Wes Properties & Rema country holdings), the Guest of honour was Dr Chetan Ebenezer Abraham (MD, Consultant Physician & Diabetologist). The Dignitaries were: Sr Angeline DodtiPddm (Vice Provincial of the Indian Province) and, Sr Mary Gracelet Pddm (Director and Teacher of the Pddm Music Academy).

Sr Doly Fernandes Pddm was the M. C. (Master of ceremony) for the event. She conducted the whole programme, tactfully and very meticulously, with lot of fun too.

Sr Jenipher Dominic Pddm Welcomed the gathering.

The Celebration began with the Candle light Dance and a Traditional Dance, performed by the Students of the Academy, followed with the Lighting of the Lamp, by : Chief Guest, Guest of honour, Sr Angeline Dodti Pddm, Sr Paulcy Antony Pddm, Sr Roshni MinzPddm, Sr Mary Gracelet Pddm, Parents of the Students, representing different Religions (Hindu, Muslim), Different Denominations of Churches (Pentecostals, Protestants, CSI), Catholics and a student representative. The hall was packed in its full capacity, with the Parents and Friends of the Students and the community of Guru Yesu Bhavan. It was a delightful sight.

After the ceremony, the Dignitaries took their place on the Dias and Sr Mary Gracelet Pddm, introduced them to the gathering. They were felicitated with the Bouquet of Flowers and Shawls .

Most of the students gave their best performance, through Dance, Songs and some even played the Instruments like: Piano and Electronic Keyboards. After which, 40 Students  completed their Examinations, conducted by the Trinity College of Music – London, received their INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES from the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

The Celebration continued with the Distribution of the Gifts for all the Students and Snacks for all the participants.

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