Rabboni Intercessory Prayer Group

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Rabboni Intercessory Prayer Group

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DSC02013“RABBONI”- THE INTERCESSORY PRAYER GROUP, is a new initiative of the Sister Disciples in India. Through which the ministry of intercession has been extended to the laity. People from all walks of life, who desire to reach out and help the suffering brothers and sisters through prayer are sure to find a grace filled atmosphere in our chapels.

4th August 2015, marked the beginning of “RABBONI” in Mumbai. The adoration began at 5:30 pm, it was guided by Mrs. John Manohar. The humble beginning of this prayer group has indeed filled our hearts with hope.

We pray for God’s choicest blessings, on this new endeavour. May prayer become a powerful tool, in building the bridge between God and humanity.

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PDDM Sisters day and night intercede before the Eucharistic Lord for various intentions.

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