Second Convocation of Divya Kala Kendra, Mumbai

28th March 2018 was a memorable day for the students of Divya Kala Kendra, PDDM Fine Arts Centre, Mumbai, as they celebrated the 2nd Convocation with great grandeur. Around 70 students along with their parents, the members of nearby institutions, and friends were present for the celebration.

The programme had a colourful start of as the dance students welcomed the Dignitaries, then they were invited to light the lamp as a gesture of invoking God’s blessings, which was followed by prayer dance centred on the theme of allowing one’s light to shine in the world.

The celebration was indeed a festival of music and dance; the music students enchanted the audience with their amazing performances as they played the musical pieces and sang the songs they filled the atmosphere with the rhythm of joy and happiness.

The dance students both Classical and western mesmerised everyone with their dances, while the classical dance students performed the prayer dance, Tilana dance and plate dance, the hip hop students performed the skating dance and left the audience wonderstruck.

The Chief Guest Sr. Gesualda, Guest of Honour Mrs Mohina Kulkarni , and the dignitaries, greatly appreciated the Fine arts centre for giving the students a platform to exhibit their talents. The distribution of the Trinity and Management certificates was the crowning moment of the celebration; the hard work of the students had indeed bore fruit.  Sr. Sushma proposed the vote of thanks, and the programme concluded with the National Anthem.