Seminar, at Guru Yesu Bhavan.

Seminar, at Guru Yesu Bhavan.

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In way of qualifying our ministries, a seminar cum workshop on human behaviour and how to make life more effective was participated by 16 of our sisters who are involved in leadership, formation and health care ministries in the province from 8th to 11th August, 2016.  The sessions were interactive and lively with brain stroming sessions, power point presentations, role plays and practical application of skills in a counselling setting. The concepts taught during this seminar were Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-Management.

It was a mind blowing seminar. The Choice Theory contends that the only person’s behaviour we can control is our own.  By using this theory, we can help people learn that what we do is not determined by external causes, but instead by what goes on inside of us. It is a method of counselling which aims at helping people to gain more effective control over their own lives. It is based on the belief that we choose what we do with our lives and that we are responsible for these choices. It is also considered as A NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONAL FREEDOM.

The objective of this course is to remove “the belief” that external things control us in our behaviour and to remove the concepts of blame game, excuses and victims. It shows us how we are imprisoned by our own negative thinking pattern and how we can make choices not to be affected by the external happenings in our surroundings. For example, it is our choice whether to be happy or to be sad, to get upset or not to get upset when things go wrong. Another outstanding feature of this method of counselling is that, the client is helped to make his/her own choice and never forced or dominated. The counsellor only facilitates to bring out the best choice for her.

 The resource person Dr. Farida D’Silva Dias, is a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Educator and Trainer, and also has a Masters degree in Business Management, and another in Clinical Psychology. She is a certified Sr. Faculty Instructor of the William Glasser Institute(WGI,) USA, since 1999 and teaches Reality Therapy in India under the umbrella of the Centre for Reality Therapy India (CTRI), based in Goa (affilitation of WGI, USA).       Farida has over twenty years training experience in Human Resource Management and eighteen years experience in psychological counseling.

 Overall it was an enriching learning experience for individuals and a useful tool for our ministries.



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