Solemnity of Jesus Divine Master, Prarthanalaya, Mumbai

Solemnity of Jesus Divine Master, Prarthanalaya, Mumbai

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Five new Members for the Association of the Friends of the Divine Master.

Today 25th October 2015, Prarthanalaya, the community of Mumbai celebrated the joy of welcoming five new members to the Association of the Friends of Jesus Master during the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration of the Jesus the Divine Master. They are Osmita, Joan, Veronica, Josephine and Nancy.

The Solemn Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr. Devasia Pudiyaparambil SSP, the vice Provincial of the Society of St. Paul and concelebrated by Paulines and other priests.  After the Gospel Proclamation, the five new members were introduced by Sr. Patricia Fernandez, Pddm.  The new members came forward and made their promise to become the Friends of Jesus Master.  May the Divine Master assist them to become more and more truly His own Friends.  After their promise the existing members of the Association too came forward to make their renewal. They were around 30 of them.  All Glory to God the Father and to Jesus Divine Master for the presence of the Friends of the Jesus Master in the Indian Province.

After the Solemn Eucharist, the community hosted atleast 150 distinguished persons from the Pauline Family, Friends of Jesus Master, Benefactors, Students from Divya Kala Kendra for a Cultural program.  The students from Divya Kala Kendra  both music and dance  prepared by our Sisters, Amita and Sushma respectively, performed a wonderful presentation of their classes.  The assembly was enchanted and thrilled with their performance.  Thanks to the sisters who are vibrant in their Music and Dance ministry.  Finally there was agape for all of them, which was indeed a glory of Divine Providence for the fellowship of brothers and sisters.

Thanks to Jesus Divine Master who is the way, truth, and life for accompanying us in our journey of faith to become his own disciples.

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