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The ‘Superior’s Meet-2017’ was held at Guru Yesu Bhavan, Bangalore on 15th and 16th of August. For the PDDM Indian Superiors it was a significant day to begin this meeting on the solemnity of the Assumption of our blessed Mother and the 70th Independence Day of India. The themes of the day and a well prepared Liturgical celebration created an ambience to begin the two days of intense work with full vigour.

The gathering of the 20 Superiors from North, South and North East along with the 7 sisters of the Provincial team was a wonderful scenic beauty of unity in diversity. The colourful cultural evening of music and dance filled the hearts with the patriotic spirit.

The group spent the first day in studying and understanding the revised General Plan of Formation with the help of Sr. M. Celine Cunha who was one of the members in the preparation committee. The study was of great help to understand the various aspects of initial formation and a great emphasis was given to ongoing formation.

In the afternoon Sr. M. Regina Sebastian dealt with the themes like, “Charismatic and Transformational Leadership” and “Soft Skills”.  The success stories of Biblical, Religious and Political Leaders were brought alive through Power Point Presentation and film stripes. The importance of Soft Skills in the exercise of Leadership was driven home with powerful images. Some of the slogans that caught the attention were – ‘It is Possible to live differently’, ‘Change, yes we can’ and ‘Wear the change’. The catchy words that etched in the minds were, JESUS EFFECT, POPE FRANCIS EFFECT, JOY EFFECT and MODI EFFECT.  The inputs were inspiring, enriching and thought provoking for day to day living and to be an effective animator.

On the second day the provincial Superior presented to the group the changes made in the statues of the Indian Province during the 3rd Provincial Chapter. The group also took time to reflect together the “Superior’s Manuel”.   It was followed by inputs, reminders and recommendations from Spirituality, Formation, Mission and Administration Commissions. The two fruitful days of work concluded in Spirit of Thanksgiving to God for the numerous blessings he continues to shower upon the Indian Province.




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