Celebrating Mary, Mother of God at Bandra, Mumbai

Celebrating Mary, Mother of God at Bandra, Mumbai

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Since 1517, the Mount Mary Bascillica, Bandra, Mumbai has been celebrating the Feast of Mother Mary (8th of September), on a grand scale.  Various people of different faith all over the state, flock at Bandra honouring Mother Mary and to surrender to her maternal care and protection.

We the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master in the Community of Prarthanalaya, Mumbai, also took active part in this grand celebration by providing our pastoral and liturgical ministry.  The Novena Masses for the feast began on 4th of September in which our sisters distributed the Holy communion at all the services.  During the Feast we had a display at the fair, evangelizing Christian faith and devotion, by making available various religious articles and gifts.  Many people visited our liturgical stall at the fair and were delighted to bring with them the religious articles like Statues, Frames, Family Altar cloths, candle stands, rosaries and medals.  It was a great opportunity for us disciples to carry out our mission to spread the kingdom of God through the work of our hands and the beauty of art to all the people who came as devotees.

It is a tradition in the community of Mumbai since the beginning of the house to give our service at this great feast.  May Mary Mother of God through her powerful intercession make us holy and acceptable to God.

Prarthanalaya, Community of Mumbai.




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