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The XXIV Poumai Naga Catholic Me (PNCM) General Congress 2018 was held between 12 to 15 January in Purul Akutpa village, Manipur  with the Theme: “Christ, our Hope of Glory”! Sr. Rose Ngade PDDM was asked to take up a Days Talk. The given theme for the talk was: “Rooted in Prayer” The talk was highly appreciated.

Sr. Rose speaks……

“ The Poumai Naga Catholic Me (PNCM) GENERAL CONGRESS is held every four years. The General Congress is considered as a pilgrimage; the gathering of faith witness and the joy of sharing of Christian faith. The event lasts for three to four days and each day begins with the Holy Eucharist. During this event, different activities take place. Some eminent speakers are invited and the theme for the speech is chosen and assigned to each respective speaker by the PNCM organising Committee. There are competitions of group singing, cultural dance, punctuality between each village etc. The winners are given enviable prizes, sponsored by some generous persons.

More than 3000 people came from different Poumai Catholic villages without counting the numerous people of the host village and the numerous priests and religious of Poumai tribe who came for the event. The event began with the inauguration by the Archbishop of Imphal, Manipur. The local Baptist Church too actively involved in all the work were also part of the celebration

The Poumai tribes are inhabited in 77 hills stations and out of which 41 villages have the vibrant Catholic community presence. The Catholic Church is very young and vibrant in the Poumai areas; none of these villages have celebrated yet the centenary of the arrival of the Catholic Faith because the Baptists were the pioneers. Catholic Missionaries from South India and foreign countries played the greatest role in bringing the faith formation and education in this area.

Poumai tribe is one of the fast progressing tribes in the religious, academic fields, professionals etc.  The only second female Lady Pilot of whole North East is a young Poumai girl. These young village Churches have produced 27 local priests and 107 religious within last 25 years. Vocations are still flourishing in these areas.  We are proud that the PDDM Congregation has eight sisters of Poumai tribe.

It was a great privilege to be one of the Congress speakers, because it is one of the greatest events of the Catholic church of Poumai Tribe. Three Speakers were invited officially. It was a great platform to make known the presence of PDDM sisters and our ministry of Prayer in that region and different parts of India. I believe from now on the name PDDM sisters will be more familiar to the people of that region.  It is a heart warming to see the enthusiasm and the active participation of great number of people inspite of the freezing cold weather. JESUS MASTER BE PRAISED!”


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