On 10th March 2018, four of our General Councilors Sr Lidia Awoki, Sr Giovanna Uchino, Sr Clementine Kasadi and Sr Maria Del Refugio Saldate arrived in India for the canonical Visit of our Province. They were Welcomed warmly by the Sisters of the Provincial Team, and the community of  Guru Yesu Bhavan, Bangalore. It  was indeed  a glorious day for all of us.

From there, Sr Lidia Awoki and Sr Maria Del Refugio Saldate left for the Communities of North and North East India. (New Delhi, Jamshedpur, Guwahati, Tura and Kohima). While, Sr Giovanna Uchino and Sr Clementine Kasadi left for the Southern Communities. (Calicut, Chennai, Nellore, Pondicherry and Dindigul). All Four of them met once again at Mumbai. They were received with sisterly love and affection by the sisters of the communities.

From 30th March they were once again back to Bangalore. In Bangalore, We had the privilege of having them with us, for the celebration of Triduum Pasquale and the Solemnity of Easter. From 2nd to 6th April they had visited the Communities of Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore.

During their Visit, they Animated the Communities through the Special Letter written by the Mother General Sr Micaela Monetti to the Province of India, and the Words of our Founder, namely: “What is the Visit and its importance”. With various Guidelines they helped the newly formed Provincial Team. Everything  was so beautiful,  enriching and encouraging.

The Councilors were very Open, adapting and simple in their attitude towards the sisters. They were thrilled   to see the realities of the Indian Province namely: Different Cultures, Languages, Ministries, the Distance from one State to the other, and the Food Habits.

After having completed their Mission in the land of India, On 9th April , they left for Rome.

We thank our Mother General Sr Micaela Monetti, her team members,  and all the Sisters of our Congregation for their support, encouragement and prayers.