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The presence of Pious Disciples in India began with the arrival of Mother Dorothy Bruno and Sr. Mary Joseph Capra in the year 1954. The life began in this land with an Eucharistic celebration in the chapel of S.S.P at Allahabad and with a very deep faith and hope. It was our earnest desire to open a house of our own in order to give expression to the threefold apostolate and to have a center for formation. The Good Lord in his Divine providence moved the Sisters to a new house of our own in the heart of Mumbai on 8th December 1961. A humble beginning of PDDM in the soil of India took deeper roots as the years passed. We spread the branches to 20 cities of our Country, generating Divine Power through Eucharistic, Priestly and Liturgical Apostolate.

  Our Founders

Fr. James Alberione:
Founder of the Pauline Family, was one of the most creative Apostle of the 20th century. He was born in San Lorenzo di Fossano (Cuneo), Italy, on 4th of April 1884 and was baptized the following day. He came to understand that the Lord was guiding him towards a new mission to preach the Gospel to all people, in the spirit of the Apostle Paul, using modern instruments of communication. Having completed the work God had entrusted to him, he left this earth on 26th of November 1971 to take his place in the house of the Father. In his last hours, he was comforted by the visit and blessing of Pope Paul VI.

Mother Mary Scholastica Rivata:
The Co-Foundress and first member of the PDDM is Mother Mary Scholastica Rivata. She was born at Guarene, Italy, on July 12, 1897. She collaborated with the Founder to establish the congregation of the PDDM. She was an ardent Apostle of the Eucharist; she lived in total fidelity her Vocation and Mission, and left behind for her sisters a heritage of great simplicity, fervent faith and total commitment. She was obedient to the Founder and lived both as a mother and as a sister. She was sustained and nourished in her ministry through her love for the Eucharist and revealed her holiness and Life through the cross and suffering, elements which deeply marked her radiant and simple existence.



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PDDM Sisters day and night intercede before the Eucharistic Lord for various intentions.

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